How to prevent protein sensitivity

hello ladies ,             I have query that I always listen from other that hair show the our inner health means what's going inside your body .. But when I get protein overload I was confused how it could be .. Means I have protein overload in my body .. But after so many research I found that no that is because of using products enriched with protein on my hair I have cut all the protein hair products from my routine .. But after still so many efforts still I have little breakage issue .. So I want to know is this my body issue .. Should I stop eating food that contain protein .. Confused

2 Answers

No. You may be using too many products with proteins. Check out this article below.6 Proteins that MUST be Hydrolyzed...If You Want Them to Work
No! Do not stop eating protein! Your body needs it. Your hair however may be needing moisture if you are no longer using protein enhanced products! You may have to try some deep conditioning with olive oil or a moisturizing deep conditioner without proteins. Also continue to use good conditioner and a possibly even a light leave in. If you live in the US there are lots of options. But if you have breakage and splitting ends, you won't be able to heal them they will need to be trimmed!