Prevent Single Strand Knots in a TWA?

I have a TWA. If I pull it straight it is maybe an inch long. I have single strand knots everywhere but my hair is obviously too short to twist. How can I prevent them? 

2 Answers

Single strand knots are pretty difficult to prevent, but other than being kind of annoying, they aren't necessarily that harmful. Especially at that length, its hard to prevent, because I noticed that once I could finger-comb my hair (I think I felt like I needed about 2 inches before I could finger-comb) I stopped getting so many. Even using a wide-tooth comb tends to give me single strand knots, but finger combing worked better to reduce "frizz" (from breakage caused by combing with a comb) and single strand knots.Also, avoid combing, picking out, or manipulating your hair when it is dry. If you use a comb, do not use an afro pick. Those things are single-strand-knot makers! A wide tooth comb is best if you must use a comb. Only comb, detangle, or manipulate hair when it is wet with conditioner or some slippery product that helps with detangling. If you are refreshing your coils for the next day, try spritzing your hair till slightly damp with warm tap water (just not really cold water), add some moisturizer if you need to and then put on a shower cap or processing cap (or plastic shopping bag) and go about the rest of your morning routine. If you take a warm shower in the morning you can do the same thing with or without the cap. This method eliminates the need to completely re-wet your hair or comb it again and any parts that were smashed from sleeping should fluff out by themselves. Even though you probably aren't styling much with only an inch of hair, I know I was combing a lot until I realized that it was causing knots. The less you manipulate your hair the fewer single-strand knots you'll have.I hope that helps!
Hey there! I am sorry you are going through this; suffered from the same thing until I started sealing my ends ar least twice a week.First I detangle my hair , then I put a penny size amount of castor oil in the palms of my hands and warm it up between the palms of my hands. I then apply it to the ends of my hair and it protects against split ends and single strand knots. Great luck please post to let us know how its going with your hair. Ane