No product for a month? Good idea??

I have decided about three days ago that I'm just going to stop putting products in my hair. For the past three day it's just been me, water, and coconut oil. My experience so far is frizz, frizz, frizz .. Yes it was expected ! I just want to know.. do you curlies think it is a good idea to continue doing this for 4 more days?? 

2 Answers

Hmm, what's the main reason you'd like to stop putting products in your hair? Do you use natural products? I'm a 3b and if I would use only water and an oil my hair woudln't be moisturized, i really have to use a leave in or cream before I seal it with an oil. If it works for you then you can give it a try as long as you do moisturize your hair
I wouldn't do it, if your hair is frizy it means it is not moisturised, if you continue like that the hair will end up breaking.