Products for fine hair and allergy to argon/Moroccan oil (hair thinning out again)

I've been growing my hair back from a buzz cut two years ago and I have stopped straightening it since this January. I've always been extremely low maintenance with my hair up until February(barely washing it and had thin hair when using heat). This is when I started using oils and washing and entangling 3x per weak. While my hair is growing faster my hairline(Mainly on my sides) was reseeding again once a started using products that were Moroccan/argon oil in it(have an allergy to it) I started using olive oil instead and it made an improvement(hair grew back). I then started using Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Shampoo(once a week), Co-wash (once every other week), and the Shea Moisture Jamaican black castor oil deep conditioning packet. I feel like at this point may hair started to shed more. I have stopped braiding(loose dutch/french braid) my hair when I sleep or twisting the front loosely for hair styles(it nothing fancy) cause I think it's pulling out my hair. I put my hair in a puff(I don't use edge control or pull my hair too tight) but that because my shrinks up so much, I get more tangles with a wash-n-go. I was also using a cream butter for moisture cause it dries easily but I don't think it's helping. My side have always been thinner than the top of my hair and I get my very thin hair from my moms side. I felt so proud of my hair growth back in March but now I'm embarrassed of my hair again. What should I do?

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