What products should I use on my hair?It is very dry and can be frizzy.

I have a mixture of white and black hair, 1/4 Caribbean and 3/4 European/White. I have no idea what type of products to use on it or how to care for my hair and keep moisture in. All the products I have tried do very little for my hair; ones designed especially for black hair leave it greasy and those in drugstores do very little. I think it might be 3b.

1 Answer

I transitioned for 1 year and 9 months before big chopping & what I've learned as far as retaining moisture is concerned is this (this is just works for me): I use Deva Curl products, I apply One Condition to my hair while my hair is SOAKING WET because the conditioner will help my hair soak in the water and the water acts as a moisturizer when sealed into the hair shaft. After I apply a liberal amount of conditioner I squish my hair all over to "push" the conditioner & water into the hair shaft. I then apply DevaCurl Ultimate Defining Gel into my hair by scrunching it in with my head upside down. With this method the moisturizing product goes INTO your hair rather than sitting on top of your hair (this giving it a greasy feeling). This has completely transformed my routine as well as the health of my hair!