What method or products can I use to get rid of dry hair?

Hi, Im from The Netherlands, so sorry if my english is bad. I think i have type 2 kind of waves (see the pictures). But my hair is very dry. I tried everything. I did cut my hair, used deep conditioners, used different kind of shampoos and conditioners, used alot of different styling products,  did the loc method (oils and some leave ins let my hair feel very gross tho), let it air dry and diffuse on cool setting.The only problem is: If i let it air dry it gets very frizzy flat and dry, and if i diffuse it it gets very dry too. Also my hair does not curl from the roots it starts at the half of my hair. (Even though i cut it shorter a couple times cause the barber said it would shrink but it did not)Do you have any tips for my hair?

1 Answer

You can try a heavier hair cream or conditioner, like the cantu shea butter for natural hair leave in conditioner. I really like that leave in, and it leaves my hair moistureized and minimizes frizz. Hope this helped!