How to protect hair when playing a sport

I play a sport, so i have to put my hair in a ponytail. Then when i take it out it becomes fizzy from sweating and the curls are pulled out from being in a ponytail. What is the best way to wear my hair so it doesn't become messy and dry? 

1 Answer

MY goodness your hair is beautiful. Okay so... I used to run track and I know what it is like to sweat and your hair gets crazy frizzy. You need a anti-humectant gel and a scarf. You have two options: pony tail or braids. You should style your hair with a gel that way the moisture is wicked a away. Then you can put you hair in a top knot and tuck your ends and tie a scarf around your edges...kind a like those sweat proof headbands. OR you have style your hair in two french braids. You can wear them down and out or if you want you can pin the ends on either side like a milkmaid braid. When you are done you can take your hair down and it will fine. Here's a good read: note, if you are getting crazy sweaty in this sport it will be difficult to stop frizziness so you might have to embrace just a little. Also for care methods, I work out a lot and sweat causes build up, so make sure you co-wash or use a gentle sulfate free cleansing conditioner like 3 times a week and do a scalp massage. That just feels great. :) Hope this helps.