Are protective styles good for hair growth?

I have 4c hair and I do protective styling most of the time. I don't like leave my hair out because I feel that combing it all the time damages my hair. I was wondering, does protective styling actually protect the hair and promote hair growth?! 

3 Answers

Protective styling helps with length retention when done properly.
Protective styling can help the ends from fraying/splitting/tangling and getting little knots that can snag and snap off later. For some people having their hair out can break the hair because of friction. And for others it's doesn't do that. If you massage and stimulate the scalp it helps with growth. With protective styles you can variate hairstyles without having to redo the whole thing/mess with your hair more. Give your hair breaks from protective stylings every once in a while. Should be fine and I agree with Amanda's post, it has to be done right.
Yes, great answers thus far and you are correct, protective styling can help to achieve length.  Here is why:1. You hair is protected against breakage at the ends2. Your hair is going to grow roughly .5 inches per month so minus the breakage, that hair is essentially retained!However like Amanda warned, it must be done properly.  In my humble opinion, the best protective style in the world is the good ole' two strand twist pin-up style.  However, if you want to use extensions for your protective style, remember to thoroughly cleanse, deep condition and trim your natural hair prior to installing.  Take the extensions out in 2 months, and at this time, assess the need for a trim, and do a thorough cleanse and deep condition.  Finally, this is the most important part, while your hair is in the extended style, spray every other day with a leave in moisturizer to maintain your moisture levels.  This is a sure way to properly maintain your "protective style", best wishes!