How do protective styles work? Can a 2c/3a do protective styles? What are protective styles?

1 Answer

Protective styling simply means you style your hair in such a way that the ends are protected from damage. It is called "protective" styling because you are supposed to style it such that your ends are "protected" from various causes of damage thus increasing the chances of higher rates of length retention. Anyone can protective style if they want! You simply have to find the one that is right for you. Basically any style that does not warrant you redoing everyday and "tucks" away your ends is a protective style (PS). PS should not be confused with low-manipulation styles. Low-manip styles may require being redone each day or every other day, but they do not need much manipulation of the strands to be achieved. To clarify here are a few examples:French braids= low-manipFrench braid w/end tucked underneath it=PSBun/Chignon= PSSide twist=low-manip styleSide twist wrapped into a bun=PSIf you can imagine what these styles look like, you can see how in the PS the ends are out of sight and protected while the low-manip styles, the ends are out, but the style does not take much manipulation to achieve. I hope I answered your questions and have not confused you. Hopefully can correct me if any the information is wrong.