so i'm really freaking desperate now i got to 2 salons one in milano and one in paris I'm currently traveling btw , and both salons didn't undestand that i need protein they said that my hair is dry and just need moisture , and i don't think so cause whenever i put moisture it does not do anything to my hair it's just the same , my hair is just very weak now too soft and feels very light , my hair usually feels heavy not too heavy but it's just not light ,i'm so freaking angry and sad because nobody freaking undertands that i need PROTIEN i don't know what to do and i think i have low porosity hair so i think strong proteins will destroy my hair or something i was thinking of shea moisture jamaican black castor oil treatment masque but i don't know i really want to try aphogee 2 step protein treatment

1 Answer

i have low porosity 4a with 3c mix hair and i use the 2 step treatment. No hair rules are absolute