Question for Lorraine Massey:

I have curls between 2B and 2C.  I bought your book Curly Girl Handbook, and have been following it religiously.  My curls have bounced back and look much more healthy.  My problem is that I seem to be losing an increasing amount of hair in the shower.  It's a little more everytime I wash it.  I had a baby 9 months ago, but felt I had already lost all the "baby hair."  My health is great, and I use a Sulfate- and Paraben-free product called Simply U.  So, why am I losing so much hair?

1 Answer

Not sure how often Lorraine Massey checks in here.Excessive hair loss can be a sign of a health problem, so you might want to check with a doctor. Be sure you're eating healthfully, and know that a certain amount of shedding is perfectly normal.