What questions to ask during a consultation?

My last perm was 2 years ago. I've done everything dealing my hair between my big chop to trims all in my own. I want a hair cut for my hair to give it a shape and maybe some color (without damaging my fine but I don't know where to even start. 

1 Answer

This may sound redundant lol, but ask what you want to know.If you want to color your, ask how to maintain HEALTHY hair after your coloring session.- What products do you suggest for colored natural hair?- How often do you suggest I trim and touch up now that my hair is colored?- I have fine hair, will this effect it? Do I need to add protein treatments to my regimen?- My hair is (insert porosity or density); can you tell me how to maintain my hair?- What sealing oils do you recommend? (Sealing oils matter and which you should use depend on your hair type [not curl pattern but hair type]. If your hair is fine you should not be using heavy oils and if its coarse you need heavy oils. Your density and porosity will also determine this. Based on these which your stylist SHOULD assess or you can inform him/her, they should recommend the proper oils to use.)- What leave-ins, shampoos, conditioners, deep conditioners, stylers do you recommend? (if youre on a budget say which drug store ones)- How long have you been doing NATURAL hair? (You want to make sure the stylist is familiar with natural hair and DOES NOT GET SCISSOR HAPPY)- What face shape do I have and what hair cut shape will suit that? Would bangs suit me? (Face shapes are Oblong, Circlular, Heart, Diamond, Oval, Square, Triangular, and Introverted Triangle - these WILL affect how a hair cut will look on you. You want to find out your face shape before going so you can specifically ask what will frame that shape face OR have them figure it out.)- As for tips on retaining length. Most of us what to know keys to healthier LONGER hair so lets cut to the chase lol.These are just some examples, but get down a sheet of paper and a pen and write down any question that comes to your mind. Even if it's small or about the stylist and not about you - write it down. Take that list to the appointment (I forget everything so I would write this list in the notes section in my cell lol) and ask away.**TIP: PAY ATTENTION THE STYLIST AS THEY CUT YOUR HAIR AND DONT BE AFRAID TO SPEAK AND LAY BOUNDARIES!! So often I see women saying their stylist got scissor happy. Bring pictures for an idea of the length and cut you see your shape being for reference. Be sure to say the length you would like be even in the cut and make sure you reinforce that its shape youre looking for not so much a hair cut.**I hope this helps :) xo