Quick swim regimen and what to use for martial Co-wash??

Hello there, I am planning to go swimming next year 2 times a week for 2 hours as exercise. However I Am worried as I have relaxed hair. I don't want to be subjected to bad hair breakage just because I swim. I was wondering what is a good before and after swim regimen and also what kind of NATURAL Co-wash can I use? I really would like to try the Shea Moisture line but which product is better?  The coconut and hibiscus Co-wash or the raw shea butter restorative Conditioner for my hair? 

1 Answer

For your hair type, the raw shea line might be more beneficial... it's great for dry or damaged (relaxed) hair.Try the repair kit and hair milk. Here are the reviews from our community members:Restorative Conditioning MilkConditioning Repair KitAlso, there's something called the Gelatin protein treatment that a lot of swimmers use to protect their hair, relaxed or curly.I have attached a Youtube video on how to do it: