Can anyone recommend a good product for sun protection? HELP, I'm desperate!!!

My hair is damaged from being outside a couple of hours everyday.  I'm really good about skin protection, but my hair is breaking and I'm having trouble trying to find products.  I'm currently using Hamadi Shea Spray and it works nicely but it has salts in it.  I'm convinced the salts is adding to the drying out of my hair.  I tried using Proganix spray and it made my neck start itching like crazy I had to stop using it.  I also tried It's A 10 spray for blondes but I couldn't take the smell.  It was super strong and lasted throughout the whole day.  Are there any products that just protect the hair without alcohols, salts, and excessive fragrance added to it?  I just want basic sun protection without a hat and I'm a desperate to save my hair.

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