how to recover from dye damage

1 Answer

you cut all the dyed and damaged parts off, yes you have to, you can't recover from the damage without getting rid of the damage, then, you start deep conditioning and do hot oil treatments twice a week, use shampoos that dont have sulfates in them as they will dry out all the moisture you get from the oils and then the oils and conditioning will be useless, also use conditioners that dont have sillicons in them as they buildup on the hair and eventually the oil absorption of the hair will become very little and they will also be useless, after you get rid of sillicons products, you now want to get rid of the buildups on ur hair,  so you use a clarifying shampoo or 2tbp of apple cider vinegar mixed with 1 litres of water, after 2 months of doing all of those very strictly, you will see major difference and your curls will pop out and your hair will practically be thanking you. it will be hard at first but its worth it.