How to recover from having my hair in a ponytail everyday for years?

I'm 14 years old and I'm entering the 10th grade next year. I've probably had my hair in ponytails everyday, all day since 4th grade. I didn't really know how to take care of my hair so it was just frizzy all the time and putting it up in a ponytail seemed like an easy way to deal with it. And now my hair (mostly the back) has lost its natural curl pattern and is really frizzy. Like the front part of my hair looks okay- the curls are fine but in the back my hair doesn't really curl it looks straight and poofy. It just looks rlly bad. (also the back of my head has a substantially less amount hair than the front and I'm assuming that's from wearing ponytails everyday) I'm just now getting into what I should use on my hair to try and get it back to its most healthy form and deep conditioning masks don't seem to help. All they do is make my hair more frizzy it feels like. I need recommendations on what products I should use and what I should be doing with my hair bc I honestly have no idea. My hair type is 3c btw

1 Answer

I feel you girl. In grade 4 through 7, I would ONLY wear my hair in a ponytail. The truth is, it just breaks your hair, giving it more split ends. Now of course you could just for the "big chop" but not everyone wants to do that. I suggest, not using a deep conditioning mask and use authentic deep conditioner. Condition your hair every single day and when you have the time, detangle your hair. A really easy way to give the illusion of curls—while they are reviving—is to do a twist out. The easiest way would be a two-strand twist out. All you need to do is take some mousse or gel and twist the strands around eachother until you reach the ends of your hair. Repeat this process for each section of your hair. That's it! Leave it in for 30 minutes for loose curls and leave it in for up to 2 hours to get ringlets! You can also do this overnight and sleep with the twists in to get better results! I linked a video to a video that shows a girl doing this if you don't understand! Any product for SheaMoisture is amazing! But if you find those too expensive, then I suggest using Aussie's deep conditioners! I love them!!I hope this helps!- Danielle