While my hair curls & takes products, the front part is very dry & won't hold anything! I'm a 3B

I have been going natural for about a year and a half now and still finding products that work for me. I have stopped relaxing about 3 years ago and have cut the damaged hair, but the front has never bounced back. I'm not sure what to do.

2 Answers

I recommend the Curly Girl method (no sulfates or silicones) because if you are using silicones they can build up and they also form a barrier the can keep moisture from getting to your hair! Since I've started following the guidelines of the Curly Girl method my curls have really emerged! Also, if your hair is still quite damaged you might benefit from some protein treatments. If all the right pieces get put in place I am sure you will see some healthier curls come back!
I have that same issue with my front/bang part being really dry. I used to flat iron it everyday. But since I started deep conditioning, it has gotten softer. Make sure to wet, condition, and seal that area everyday.