Retaining length of my low porosity hair

So I just found out that I have low porosity hair and I really want to grow my natural hair out long and healthy. My crown has been thinning since 2007 (bad perm). Ever since I have been switching back and forth from relaxed hair to natural. I finally decided to stay natural but now my crown is still thinning and refuses to grow evenly with the rest of my hair. I feel like I have tried to do everything to get my hair to grown evenly. I just started using grapeseed oil but my hair still feels dry and brittle what should I do? 

4 Answers

There are a few choices to help you with moisture retention, scalp stimulation, and length retention. While your hair is still thinning in those trouble areas, try using scalp stimulators like ginger (freshly grated, tea, oil, etc.), jojoba oil, and peppermint or tea tree oil mixed with olive or coconut oil. Also, to strengthen, you could try mixing your own deep conditioner with coconut milk, honey, molasses, and an oil of your choice. Bentonite clay is great for clarifying the scalp without zapping hair's moisture. Another major thing is to stop combing and brushing your hair - I struggled with going ahead and making the decision to stop using my beloved comb and brush ( if you cant stop, at least lessen usage significantly, I revived my thinning edges this way). The less you manipulate your hair the faster it will show results. Here are some links you might want to check out:On ginger: jojoba oil : Jamaican Black castor oil : moisturizing techniques : combing/brushing: regimen inspiration for growth ( somewhere to start from, modify if needed ):  or this helps!
I suggest making an appointment with a trichologist. 
I would suggest you to try these different oils. They have been known to help moisturize your hair and in some case help the growth of new follicles/strengthen them.Coconut oil : oil : tree oil : luck.
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