how to revive my hair after I've straightened it

i straightened my hair for picture day this week (it wasn't my plan i just got a really late notice and it was the fastest thing i could do without test runs) and i don't want to wash my hair to find stringy curls so what can i do or buy to revive my hair?

3 Answers

there's no magic potion to revive damaged hair. but proper hair care could help you in reviving your hair. make sure you use curl friendly products and get regular trims. heat damage is no joke! my blog covers this topic.
Girl I feel you! Did you use a ceramic straightener? A heat protectant? How many passes and how hot? If you answered most of these with a No, more than 3 and very then you may find damaged curls. Do a pre poo before you wash your hair, and try a protein treatment. The added moisture and protein will help to alleviate some of the damage put some life back into your hair. For styling I would suggest using a curl definer and really scrunching to help bring back that definition if the after affects are really bad. I would also suggest deep conditioning TWICE a week now, and trying a hair mask at least once a week. (As I am, Shea moisture, even a DIY there's plenty on YouTube.) For a protein treatment try Aphogee it is pretty strong but it will get the job DONE. I wouldn't suggest doing this every week, maybe once a month or twice depending on what you want/need. Also I would go in for a trim if your ends are very damaged, maybe more than a standard one. For now, moisture your hair daily, twice a day. Try the LOC method as well if you feel your hair isn't very good at retaining water.I'll link some videos down below to help you.(Also consider going on a 2 month no heat challenge. Some people with dead curls have found their hair to instantly revive itself. I don't know it this will work but it's worth giving it a go.)Hope this helped.
after all that heat , just get a deep condition treatment ,then moisturize and your hair should look as good as new and healthy .  If you are looking for a curly look, try using shea moisturize gel with coconut oil it works like magic !!