Is there anyway to get rid of 4C hair texture I would like to have 3c type hair texture

I hate my 4c hair texture and I am desperate to know if there is anything that I can do to my hair to at least have 4a hair texture but I really want 3C 

2 Answers

Is that you in the picture? Because, if it is, I would definitely consider you a 3b/3c, not a 4c.Natural, permanent products that can do that ? I don't think that there are any :\Chemical Products? You can try a texturizer, but those loosen/stretch the curl pattern that you already have, not create bigger curls (which you'd need 4c to form relatively big circular curls versus the Z/small S pattern 4c hair usually has).  Natural techniques? These are more abundant! You can try rollers, perm rods, flexi rods, curlformers, etc. The only thing is that these are temporary so if you're looking for something permanent.....Some people also do heat training, but, like the texturizer, it seems like that is more likely to simply loosen your curl pattern than to create bigger curls. That being said, while transitioning I'm still straightening my fringe and, while completely "natural," they are heat damaged to a thinner 3c texture. However, I don't know if they are just a thicker/ more dense 3c and are just being thin or if they are naturally 4a. While you can only really tell that they're damaged when they dry with no product at all, they are still damaged and heat training could cause eventual repercussions with our hair. Especially if you have finer hair. It's also not an exact science so you're hair could just end up completely straight.
Your best bet is to experiment with products until you find one that makes your hair softer and more manageable which changes hair texture without using chemicals. Micmas Remix works wonders for my hair and has made it much more manageable and soft. I buy it online but shipping is free which is another plus. Everybody's hair is different so you have to experiment. Which is why I highly suggest trying MicMas Remix because they only use organic and natural ingredients. My hair is very thick and coarse but when I use Micmas Remix my texture becomes much softer, looser wave pattern and healthier. Everyone I know that uses it says the same thing maybe you should check it out if you want to avoid putting chemicals in your hair.