how to get rid of dandruff and flaking?

I have tried doing the apple cider vinegar rinse every time i wash my hair. I apply it after shampooing and just let it sit before i rinse it out and deep condition my hair. Even though ive been doing the acv rinse every week, my flakes are still not gone completely. How do I completely get rid of the flaking? is head and shoulders a good product to use to get rid of the flaking or will it dry my hair out severely?

2 Answers

Head and shoulders can be very drying. I would use it as a last resort. It sounds to me like maybe you're using too much conditioner? Are you properly rinsing out your deep conditioner? Remember, ACV is also a natural conditioner so you could be over-doing it. What shampoo/conditioner are you using?
You may want to consider just doing a full clarifying shampoo session followed by a lighter DC that you can thoroughly and completely rinse out to make sure you've gotten any potential build-up off of your scalp and out of your hair.    There is a new Head&Shoulders MoistureCare line geared towards textured hair; try the co-wash (yes, I said co-wash) or the 2-in-1 to cleanse.  Whenever you use a potentially "harsh" shampoo, be sure to coat your hair with conditioner first and then focus the shampooing on your scalp allowing the foam to cleanse the hair.  If your hair is long enough, section the hair and hold the ends of the section taut while you shampoo the scalp.  Make sure that you are actually getting the flakes out as if they aren't removed, they will settle right back into your scalp and hair, so once you are finished a cleansing before DCing, check your hair/scalp to insure its clean and clear! Other options to consider are Tea Tree products  (Trader Joe's Tea Tree Tingle line, Paul Mitchell's Tea Tree line for which Sally's sells a generic version), Shea Moisture's Dandruff Control line or "heavy hitters" by Neutrogena , T-Gel or T-Sal (you absolutely positively MUST do a thorough DC after using the Neutrogena products as they are DRYING.