How to find the right product for 2c/ 3a hair

my hair is great when it's wet, but dried without product it is inconsistent in texture and just looks weird. My problem is I need definition without changing my hair texture. Everything I try ends up making my hair extra kinky. Oh and I wash it every night which probably isn't good but I work out every day and it gets really greasy. Also when If I try to wear it natural in the day, it's like a ticking time bomb and explodes with frizz and inconsistency. Like most of yall I have a huge stash of hair products that don't work, and I swear my hair is immune to products haha. Help please? 

1 Answer

If you're going to wash your hair every day, I recommend using a gentle cleanser or a cowash because washing daily could lead to dryness and ultimately frizz, which sounds like it is a major concern of yours. Here are some gentle cleansers to try (or maybe you already have one of these) cowashes your hair grows frizzier during the day it sounds like you might need product with more hold. I know you said your hair seems immune to your products, and for me the weather really has a great impact on whether a product is going to work or not. Sometimes a product gives me great curls, but other days the same exact product doesn't work. So it's a matter of adapting your routine for the seasons. When I need extra hold I reach for a cream gel like AG Beach Balm or TIGI Curls Rock Curl Amplifier, and a good gel is DevaCurl's Ultra Defining Gel. I apply a little bit too much product to my waves when my hair is soaking wet, and then I scrunch with a tshirt or microfiber towel to encourage nice waves and also to gently dry it without creating frizz. I hope this helps!