My roots are knotted and tangled! How do I untangle them?

My hair is pretty thick (type 3c/4a), and my roots are knotted. I basically cannot effectively wash my hair because my roots are so tangled. Everything else seems to be untangled except for my roots! Is there a way I can untangle them?

2 Answers

Apply some leave-in or oil or detanglerPart the hair in multiple small sectionsGrab a sectionGet in there and detangle- you may have to use a shampoo comb or a pick to get in there.*make sure the hair is saturated with product to prevent damage. Not sure what else to tell you besides that :/ sorry- not sure if this helps. 
Detangle asap! Section your hair and work gentle. Start at the bottom of your hair, if you start at the top, you will only make the knots ''grow''. Use a lot of conditioner or detangler and a handful of patience. You can use a comb but it is smarter to detangle the big knots with your fingers first to avoid unnecessary breakage. You will also be able the feel the knots with your hands, you can use the wide tooth comb afterwards to run through your hair if necessary.