Routine for night time?

what is a good care routine to do before I go to sleep? Is there any products to use to maintain my waves / curls nice and healthy  during the night? Should I put my hair in a bun?

3 Answers

I don't use a products for my night routine but I just quickly finger detangle my hair and put it up in a very loose high ponytail ( also known as a "pineapple") . both are fine but if you do a loose ponytail and realize that ur ends are getting flattened by the morning then I suggest u do a loose bun or as most people call it a " pineapple bun". Somet Imess it takes a while to know what's best for ur hair. Good luck (: (3a/3b)
it's ok if you put your hair in a bun because a bun hold curls together and keep it in place throughout the night . Another method is section in 4 twist out with a little coconut oil to retain moisture while you sleep . coconut oil is light and doesn't weigh hair down . 
You can put your hair in a bun! That's what I do. But try to make it pretty loose, otherwise it might stretch out your curls. Sleep on a satin pillowcase. This helped me SOOO MUCH. You can buy them on Amazon, just search "betty dain satin pillowcase" In the morning, I mix some leave-in conditioner with water in my hands, and smooth them over my hair to tame any frizzies. Then I scrunch. Hope I helped :)