What's happening to my hair?! HELP PLEASE!

About two weeks ago, I noticed that my hair is starting to straighten out, or  rather my curl pattern is changing. My hair is usually pretty coily. I do not apply heat to my hair. I only use sulfate free products and alcohol free styling gel. I have tried moisturizing masks for my hair, and attempted to try different styling techniques. As you can tell in the pics it's not just happening with this one sections it's happening everywhere mostly at the tips. The piece I'm holding is where it's most noticeable. Nothing is working. I received a deva cut about 6 months ago and my hair was perfect. Has anyone else had this problem? If so, how did you fix it? Help!  

3 Answers

I know little about curls, since I'm new in the site, but have you thought about the water? I've heard sometimes the water you use to wash your hair can be determining on how it looks. Another cause could be it has too much moisture that it's weighing it down, however that's a pretty drastical change to be just because of moisture. I hope you find the cause soon :/
I'd have to agree with CindyBeth on the hygral fatigue (when there's too much moisture in your hair). If you've been living in the same place, I don't think they would've changed the water as, to the best of my knowledge, the type of water you have (hard or soft - soft is better)  is based mainly on your geographic location. Hygral fatigue, on the other hand, is relatively common since we're all on the search for more moisture. I would slow down with the moisture (or stop completely for a while) and start doing protein treatments until you get your curls back. Once you do, I'd just try to find a balance. I've heard people say that the Shea Moisture Raw treatment is good for moisture (I personally don't like it though) and that their Anti-breakage Mask is good for strengthening and protein. I love the JBCO Masque they have as it provides moisture and some protein at the same time.
Thank you so much for the advice ladies! Using less conditioner actually worked. I tried not using conditioner at all but my hair became frizzy! My curls are coming back to life! Life is good again. You gals rock! :)