will the scabs pull my hair out? What to do to heal the scabs?

my cousin did my dew in on Monday, it's now Thursday and I took it out this morning. It was hurting so bad, she braided it in a beehive and that didn't hurt but when she sewed in the closure it did. My scalp was sore and I thought the pain would subside, it didn't. I rewashed and conditioned my hair. My scalp is still sore but not as bad. I noticed I have a few scabs on some areas. It freaked me out so Im panicking right now. Will my hair come out with the scab? What can I do or use to  treat it? I can't see the scab because of the location but I asked my grandma to look and she saw something. I believe a piece of the scab fell off and it was white and red. My hair is very thick at the roots , I. Haven't had a relaxer in almost five months . My hair is pretty long and I'm only 16

3 Answers

Put fresh aloe vera to heal your scalp. Scabs will not pull your hair out. 
Yes, moisturise your scalp and the scabs will fall. They wont pull your hair out but it will definetively slow the growth because the scalp will be busy healing. 
Aloe vera is a good idea. Be gentle when cleansing your hair and scalp and when doing anything near those areas so that they will heal faster. You might try something like castor oil in those areas, but mostly just leave them alone. If a scab gets pulled off prematurely and that area is still sore and open, treat it with hydrogen peroxide and triple antibiotic ointment just like you would any other cut. It shouldn't pull much if any hair out as long as the scabs fall of naturally.Try not to do much with your hair so that your scalp can heal. Stay away from style where the hair is pulled tightly, which will strain your scalp.I hope that helps.