My scalp is dry/flakey. I use Deva No Poo + One Condtion. any tips? Should I condition my scalp?

I have tried conditioning my scalp, but have already read that this may cause itchy scalp - lots of conflicting info! do i need a deep conditioner/masque? do i need to shampoo my scalp more often (I usually do that about once a week)? My flakes are concentrated in one area, at the front of my scalp on one side. Should I treat inly this area with moisture?

1 Answer

Hi Afrome, Flakes are always a tricky situation. Are you sure your scalp is dry? A lot of times flakes are a result of over conditioning and not properly rinsing out conditioners. You are using a very moisturizing cleanser and conditioner, so be sure you are properly rinsing this completely out of your scalp. That could result in your flakes. If you're sure your scalp is dry, I would try scalp oil treatments. Apply them in the area where you're having trouble. Gently massage the oil in, and let it sit. Then go about washing and conditioning like normal. We have tons of DIY recipes for this, here's one:  3 ESSENTIAL AND A BASE OIL FOR SCALP IRRITATIONS- blend two drops of Peru balsam, two drops of ylang ylang, two drops of lavender, three ml of olive oil all oils together and gently apply to affected areas on the scalp. This will also help for extremely dry and cracked skin including the scalp. Read entire article.   If you want something more simple, I used a mixture of argan oil and sweet almond oil on my face when it was dry and irritated. It helped a TON! You can buy both of these are your local grocery store, or online. I hope this helps!