Why is my scalp itchy?

I just started transitioning 3 months ago and have been using Shea Moisture and kinky-Curly Knot Today. Could these be the wrong products for me? My scalp has been itchy since I started this transition. And I try not to scratch. If I change products, I'll be in trouble. I haven't found anything else that works for my hair. Please help...

3 Answers

i'm not here to promote or bash products but from my experience Shea Moisture brand leaves a really heavy buildup. you should hydrate not lubricate your hair and Shea Moisture brand just stays in the hair and it is very difficult to remove. it's like using the gel nail polish where after a while it weakens your nails. the same will happen with this product. it will dry out your hair causing it to break and sometimes even shed because it's not breathing and your scalp is clogged with heavy oils. try to use curl friendly products and i go in to detail about how to find those products on my blog ShaiAmiel.tumblr.com you can also see how many clients i've dealt with that i had to strip the buildup from their hair and scalp on my instagram at www.instagram.com/ShaiAmiel if it persists i would recommend visiting a doctor.
Either your scalp is sensitive to those products that you are using or you have dry scalp . Since this is a new journey for , try different products until you actually find what works for your hair type . One of my personal and new favorite is coconut oil shampoo and conditioner moisturiser ... shea is a really good one also but what works for one might not work for you . Have fun experimenting !!
There are a lot of SheaMoisture hair products. I can't really give much input since I don't know which one you've used. Some of their lines are more preferable for either thicker hair or hair that is more porous. For example, if I use the curl enhancing smoothie over a thick leave conditioner in my medium porosity hair, I'll have moisture for almost two solid weeks (depending on the weather).  The KCKT is very moisturizing and functions as a leave in conditioner, so if you've put another brand on top (which is surprising since it's known to flake) you'll likely experience buildup. Try to invest in a clarifying shampoo or co-wash more frequently. If that doesn't help in a few weeks, swap products and try another routine. You'll get the hang of it, so please don't be discouraged.