my shampoo has dimeithicone and sodium laureth sulfate, does the sulfate wash away the dimethicone?

so like all the shampoos i can find always have sillicones (its 80% more often to be dimethione) BUT also they have sodium laureth sulfate, does that mean that the sulfate will prevent the buildup on the hair from the dimethicone and just wash it away?

2 Answers

Yes, SLS does effectively remove dimethicone.
It will.  That is why it's there.  It will also dry your curls making them limp and lifeless and eventually make your ends fall flat.  If your wanting to see your hairs try beauty why not get off the silicones and Shampoo and find yourself a quality CO-Wash or zero lather cleaner and some silicone free products. You and your hair will thank you!