is my shampoo hurting my hair?

Hi i just joined, my name is emma! My hair is medium-thin, low porous, type 2b hair. Whenever i shampoo my hair feels sticky. I have tried ACV washes that worked for a while as my hair has an oily scalp. I use the SheaMoisture fruit fusion Weightless Shampoo that says fine to medium hair. It recently started to knot in the ends and look rather dull and flat. Could it be my shampoo? Product buildup? I read here that i might need an "alkaline" shampoo instead of acidic. If anyone could point me in the right direction i would be so thankful ❤️

3 Answers

Try detoxing your hair it might be buildup
Shampoo is the enemy of curly girls. It contains sulfates, which is the same thing that is in dishwasher detergent. If you follow the Curly Girl method, it is conditioner-only washing to get moisturized, healthy curls. Read up on it cuz it will change your life. 
you can detox with apple cider vinegar or baking soda , whenever i get buildup I usually let the acv sit on my hair for 25-40 minutes with a plastic bag on and then i rinse with warm water and sometimes i follow up with a clarifying shampoo ,just type in detoxing curly hair on youtube there's plenty of videos about this and if you had an oily scalp after the acv rinse don't shower for a week i know it's disgusting but oily scalps means that your scalp is producing too much sebums due to showering a lot