Shampoo/cleanser for my Type 2b hair?

I have very thin hair and I'm trying out DevaCurl NoPoo and it is making the top of my hair near my scalp look really greasy. I've been on the hunt because I'm sick of frizz and sulfate containing cleaners. I really need some hair care help!

2 Answers

You will probably enjoy having a sulfate free shampoo that you can use as needed and might be ok to co-wash (wash with a thin conditioner like V05) in between. I like Shea Moisture Super Fruit 10 in 1. I think it smells great, it gets your hair clean but doesn't dry it out. Of course you'll want to use a silicone free conditioner but to beat frizz you will need a product after the shower like a soft hold gel. Herbal Essence Totally Twisted is one to try. :)
It's hard to know what's happening without knowing what other products you are using.  No-poo and other sulfate free shampoos will not remove many styling products, which can lead to buildup and greasiness.  That's one of the things that sulfates do.So, if you are still using a conditioner or styling product that has silicones in it, for example, or heavy products in general, your new gentle shampoo isn't going to get them all out.This is why many people using DivaCurl products seem to notice that it works better if they use only Deva products (cleanser/condition/styling).  The DC stylers are all water soluble and designed to be able to be removed with the No-Poo.So take a look at your other products, that might be the problem.  Also, before starting sulfate-free/cowash routine, you MUST do one last sulfate wash to remove all products from your hair.Deva is not very heavy, I have fine, thin, wavy hair and I wash daily with it.