Why do shampoos and conditioners make my hair hard?

Every time I wash my hair it gets hard. I know it's the shampoo and conditioner because my hair is soft before I put shampoo and conditioner in. It's also soft when I rinse it out. Even deep conditioners make my hair hard. So far I have used pantene and organix shampoos & conditioners and the deep conditioners I've used are Aussie  3 minute miracle, Shea moisture deep treatment mask (the original one ), and Africa's best hair mayonnaise. I think my hair is protein sensitive too. To keep my hair moisturized I spray it with water and seal with a Shea butter mix. The mix is the only thing that makes my hair shiny, soft, and kind of defined. Does anyone have any suggestions on what I should do?

1 Answer

You answered your question while you asked it lol. It sounds like the protein your products is making your hair hard. Do you know if your hair is low porosity? If it is and if you are protein sensitive you need to be wary of products with protein. Dont avoid them altogether because hair is literally made by protein and moisture, it just needs the proper balance. If you are low porosity you need way less than everyone else. Click this for protein free moisturizers.Click here for protein free leave-in conditioners.Click here for protein free deep conditioners.Shea moisture's raw shea butter moisture retention shampoo is great for protein sensitive hair and really any hair. One of those links I gave you shows you what the proteins will look like in the ingredient section. If it is before the 5th ingredient listed on the bottle, leave it at the store because your hair will not react well.I hope this helps xo :)