Should I do a protein deep conditioner?

I have low porosity hair that's been breaking off a lot. I know it's not a lack of moisture--I deep condition at least every two weeks and seal with a light oil  [my hair is thick but my strands are fine]. My hair is kindy soft & mushy and doesn't spring back..if anything, it might be over moisturized..However, I fear a protein deep conditioner because my hair is low porosity, and those things aren't supposed to go together. Should I do it anyway? If so, what type of deep conditioner? Is the homemade mayo dc fairly mild?

1 Answer

Based on what you're saying here, I suspect over moisturising may be the problem. I kind of went through the same thing last month and once I cut back the problem was solved. I'd try that first before trying a protein treatment. I hope this helped!