Should I leave my braids in or take them out

I have short 4c hair and I have had braids for 1 month and I want to take them out btw I am 13 but I have an event on Friday and I have to stay in a hotel but I don't know if I would have enough time to do my natural hair I usually do a puff but my mom doesn't want me to take my hair out ugh please help what should I do and also could u guys tell me some good products for my 4c hair to make it curly thx

2 Answers

I've definitely been there, but it's never been a good idea for me, personally, to have to rush through taking out braids. Giving them the proper care and simple styling or no styling to let them rest after wearing braids is more important. If you have time today or tomorrow to take them out (removing loose hair and dirt as you take out each one to avoid matted hair: and wash (wet your hair and put lots of conditioner + a little oil and detangle before washing hair in sections), properly detangle and deep condition and then let your hair rest for one day (or two days is better) rest, meaning you aren't styling it really (wear a hat or scarf if you can) but if you can't and you need to style it for school a puff should be okay, but be gentle with your hair. Don't pull the puff too tight and make sure to moisturize it well with a leave-in conditioner or a product that has water as the first ingredient. Shea Moisture products are a good choice and they are sold at Target too: is my favorite SheaMoisture moisturizing product that should help bring out your curl pattern:  Nubian Heritage Products are good too and they sell them in Walgreens or CVS usually I think: a little of the butters and oils after the leave-in conditioners to seal in the moisture in your hair: thing that might help you to style your hair after braids is to do some flat twists, two-strand twists or braids with your own hair. They don't need to be too small, but if you can wear those and then take them out carefully for your event on Friday, you'll have some cute curls and waves and you can wear headband, hair clips or something to style it. Here are some examples: take your time, though. I get impatient with braids too and want to take them out when I get tired of them but make sure you have enough time to take care of your hair and style it nicely for Friday. Especially if you are depending on help from your mom, make sure she has time and energy or get a friend to help you out :)  I hope that helps!!
thank you soooooo much