Should I transition before i do my big chop?

Well i have seen many people do that but i don't know if it would be right for me...

2 Answers

Honestly, you have to do what feels most comfortable to you. I had been thinking about going natural for quite some time, and I said after 6 months of transitioning I was going to cut it. However, one day after co-washing my hair, I just got this sudden urge to CHOP OFF my hair. LOL I am very happy I did it. I was somewhat nervous about what my husband would say because he met me with long hair. I think because I was so passionate about going natural, it made him and the rest of my family love my new look even more. It doesn't matter if you transition for 1 day or 1 year. Follow your heart, and do what you feel right for you. Good Luck :)
I would, but really it is completely up to you since you're the one who will wear the hair on your own head. If you are thinking about big chopping here is some inspiration from vlogger Paville.