shouldn't Hairfinity plus the inversion give two inches of growth per month

Okay now tell me does this make sense. There's this hair vitamin called hairfinity that promises an inch of hair growth a month. And hundreds of people have posted they're results online and for the most part they claim it to be true but the one inch a month dwindles to half an inch after 6 months. Alright there's this method called the inversion where u tilt your head to the ground like Muslims do when they pray for 4-7 minutes a day for a week. It also proves to grow an inch but u can only do it once a month. So only one person decided to combine these two and she got 2 n a half inches per month but she only did it one time. So, if I combined the two when I get my protective style installed, keeping my weave in for 5 months.... So shouldn't I receive between 10-12.5 inches by the time I take out the weave? Like doesn't that make sense. Is that possible 

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