Shower routine?

It seems that no matter what overnight method I use -pineapple method, satin cap, tshirt- my curls always go away by morning. Is it okay to bath and conditioner my hair daily? 

1 Answer

Hi Igruiz5, I wouldn't wash your hair every day. It's very drying for your hair and bad in the long run. I would wash your hair 3 times a week, or every other day. Many wavies have problems with second day hair. If none of those techniques are working for you, I would try simply using a curl refresher and your fingers to re-scrunch your hair or twirl your waves into shape. My favorite refresher is Obia's Curl Hydration Spray. That will not only refresh but keep your waves moisturized. A little bit of water helps or beach spray helps too. Here's a DIY recipe.Good luck!