Has Anyone Found That Silicones Helped Your Hair?

My coworker seems to have 2bish hair like mine, and I have always envied it because it's very long, has nice curls and waves but somehow still has body at the roots. It's also very shiny and you can tell the frizz is "healthy" frizz.Today she told me she doesn't use any leave in products, just washes every other day with shampoo and conditioner likely containing silicones and sulfates. She then fluffs it a bit and lets it air dry.I have literally tried everythingggg for my 2b hair. I have been washing every other day at most with silicone and sulfate free products since december and have tried many treatments, oils, techniques, leave-ins, shampoos, conditioners, etc. Although my hair has gotten more curly (when I washed every day it was more wavy) it still has a lot of frizz and the whole top layer of my hair is very poofy, dry-seeming, and untameable.My question is, has anyone found that adding silicones back in helped their hair? I know when I used silicones I couldn't wash every other day because my hair would be oily, but perhaps it could now that it's gotten used to every few days.I saw a blogger talk about how her hair did better with silicone but her hair looked to be maybe 3b, so much different than mine.

2 Answers

At first, silicones seem to be amazing. Great slip, no frizz, easy detangling, soft and silky etc. But this is because silicones create a film over the hair shaft, making it seem like your hair is moisturized because of the lack of frizz and easy detangling. However, silicones, especially dimethicone, are NOT water soluble and cannot be washed out with conditioner. The film stays over the hair shaft, not allowing water to penetrate, and eventually dehydrating the hair and of course causing buildup. Silicones have a very real function, but you need to use a detergent with them. If you're truly in love with your conditioner and it is working long term, you will need to shampoo. If not, I would recommend using a conditioner with marshmallow root, because it forms a similar film over the hair that is water soluble and won't dry out the hair shaft or build up. I love Kinky Curly Knot Today as a leave-in because of the marshmallow root really cutting down on the frizz while moisturizing my hair. I also put marshmallow root in my FSG.
Silicone work great, but it does eventually create build up. And for some people, clarifying every wash is too damaging for their hair type. For others, they can wash twice a day with sulfates & their hair is healthy & fabulous.Maybe ask your co-worker the names of the products she uses & give them & her hair care regime a shot? Or, if you like the products you currently using & just want to try a serum, remember to only put it on the hair shaft & ends, not the roots. Try using less then the recommended amount. And don't forget to buy yourself a clarifying shampoo to go with it!