Silk scarf gives me a headache...?

I wear my silk scarf every night because if I don't this hair will be a disaster BUT that thing is such a nightmare. Whenever I put it on, after laying for a while, it comes off and I have to re tie it all night but if I tie too tight, I wake with a severe headache. What else can I use on my hair to protect my style? Silk scarf is about to get set on fire over here! Btw...I have short hair! Too short to pineapple. 

2 Answers

ok try a a bonnet. If for some reason you don't want to use a bonnet, loosely tie your scarf and put an exersice headband around the hairline or the knot...u could also try a skull cap\wig cap(this may flatten your curls) over your scarf. Hope this helps!
I gently twist my hair into sort of pineapple (since a true pineapple comes out of my fine collar bone length hair). Then I sleep on a satin pillow case. I don't think I would like a bonnet or a scarf or securing something to my head while I sleep!