Single strand knots near the bottom of strands

I don't get split ends very often (not that I get trims that often either, one inch of ringlet is more like four inches of hair), but I get these single strand knots in my hair that make my hair feel/look all dry. in one ringlet I will have 1-3 of these knots probably, but with a head full of ringlets they sure add up.Does anyone know of a way to fix this and/or prevent it from happening?I don't really straighten my hair ever, maybe once a year, but I'm a student and it's a lot of work. My hair rests above my shoulders when dry so it doesn't get caught between my shoulders and a seat or anything.

2 Answers

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Hey there! I am sorry you are going through this; suffered from the same thing until I started sealing my ends ar least twice a week.First I detangle my hair , then I put a penny size amount of castor oil in the palms of my hands and warm it up between the palms of my hands. I then apply it to the ends of my hair and it protects against single strand knots. Great luck please post to let us know how its going with your hair. Ane