My sister's hair falls a lot... any ideas why? and how can she stop it?

My sister's hair is wavy from the ends, but literally straight from the roots. She tried everything, including deep conditioning, but it just does not seem to help. She uses a sulphate free shampoo... but her hair still falls a lot.. any ideas why? is she over conditioning? do you think massaging will help? she also does not have any volume at all, with a very decreased number of hair. She does not use heat.

2 Answers

Hi MyWomenPower, This is a very tricky subject. There are many reasons why your sister's hair could be falling out. It could be hormones, genetics, length of hair, or products being used. Since I am not a Trichologist, I can only share with you my personal experience. I used to experience a lot of hair fall when I was using Pantene Pro-V conditioners (back in the day). In hindsight, I think I was conditioning too much (every day) and the conditioner was too rich for every day use. How often does your sister wash and condition her hair? Frequency could be the culprit. I also lost a lot of hair when my hair was very long...mostly because it was unhealthy and had a ton of dead ends. How long is your sister's hair? Is it relatively healthy or dried out? If her hair is long and unhealthy, I suggest cutting off all the dead ends and starting fresh with a medium/short cut.Again, I am not an expert on hair loss, so I would read our articles about this subject, and then talk to a Trichologist or a doctor about it. Here are some helpful articles: Hope that helps!  
Sometimes it can be because of diet. Make sure she's getting enough vitamin b and iron. I had a problem with hair loss when I was younger and it got better when I started taking iron supplements. As susonnahg said, there can be a town of factors that play into hair loss. My advice is only from my personal experience.