How to sleep with my collarbone lenght 3a hair to keep definition and volume?

My hair is really nice and defined when i wash it and air dry it, but i dont have time to wash it in the morning so i have to do it in the evening, which means i have to sleep on it. But it gets so frizzy, any tips?

2 Answers

Sleep with your hair in a pineapple ( a loose ponytail at the very top of your head). This will prevent your curls from be crushed underneath your head. It will also keep your curls nice and defined so all you'll have to do in the morning is fluff, style, and go.
Hi! just a suggestion.... IF your hair is too short to do a pineapple. You might want to try wrapping your hair (upside ) and snug in a silk scarf. Start at the base of you neck and tie in front..Tuck in any loose edges. Hope this helps