the bottom of each stand on my hair is curly but at the top it has no definition, how do i fix this?

3c hair, some heat damage, the top of each strand looks frizzy but I use a microfiber towel, the LCO method, rinse with cold water and use frizz-free products. Also, the top of my hair doesn't curl at all.

3 Answers

Can you attach a photo?
here are some pictures
Oh I see what you mean, you just have to detangle and use product to get your curls to form. Gels and curl creams with a little hold. I take it the heat damage was all over. I sort of had this issue back when I flat iron a whole bunch. I would cut the heat damaged ends but the rest of my hair would fall flat or struggle to curl. Your hair will need some help recovering. So deep condition once or twice a week- don't skip this, keep it moisturized and train it to curl again with product. You might find as it grows out that you need to cut it. Are you transitioning?