Should you stick to the same prducts for your routine?

so i have been keeping the same routine but different prodects, such as wash days i switch shampoos and conditoners and on deep condition days i switch the deep condition routine. Someone told me this could confuse my hair. Just wondering if this is true or can i switch it and expirement. I also am not sure if i want my hair to be attched to prodects 

1 Answer

I'm not an expert but I think that depends on your hair. Switching shampoos on daily base could confuse your hair if you e.g go from sulfate free to sulfate shampoo to silicone conditioner and back to cones. If the products contain about the same main ingredients then I don't think it should be a problem. If you are using a product for a long time and feel like your hair has become resistent to it then you could switch products, use that one for a while and go back to the old one if necessary.If your hair still feels healthy after switching and if there are no drastic changes between products (cones>no cones etc) then it should not be a problem.I always use the same leave in conditioner as a moisture base but I do have use different brands of thicker creams to layer. I'm a happy curly girl as long as it has natural ingredients, defines my curls and does what it should be doing.