How to stop my curls from matting during the day?!

Hey all you curly hair lovelies! I've got a question for you. I have 3c beautiful curls that sometimes are literally pig's tail ringlets. (Reference photo 1 where I've just done my hair to go out dancing) They are sooo pretty. When I wash my hair, I use the as I am coconut cowash and then detangle my hair with either a wet brush or those funny shaped detangling brushes and then follow up with a leave in conditioner. My hair looks flawless....from 8-1pm by the mid afternoon the ends of my hair have matted together (Reference photos 2-3 where my hair has begun to matt at the bottom and the volume has increased significantly and curls less defined). Some of the curls are still really well defined but others are just one huge lump. It is usually on the sides and the back so I can get away with it throughout the day but definitely want this to stop! I cannot figure out what is causing my hair to matte like this. I don't play with my curls it just literally seems like wear and tear. It is so bad that if I sleep with my hair like that (I.e go to bed without wetting or washing and detangling again) I end up with such bad matting my hair becomes inches shorter because it's just all stuck together. The issue?! I am forced to wash my hair before I go out in the morning and then again before I sleep. Does anyone have any advice for why this might be happening? My best guess is lack of moisture...but I have no idea. 

1 Answer It does NOT get better than this. I use it like all the time and it does not weight my hair down or come with any of the additional baggage. I would definitely recommend  it.