How to stop dry scalp

My scalp tends to be very itchy quite often. Even after being freshly washed it still itches. Whether I'm wearing it out or in braids I have this problem. Any ideas to counteract this issue.??

3 Answers

Are you allergic to the ingredients in your shampoo? Do you oil your scalp? Do you do scalp massages? Try another shampoo, try co-washing. Basically change whatever you are doing now. Good luck!
Try a moisturizing hot oil treatment and massage it in your scalp. Pick really moisturizing oils and tea tree would be good since you have a dry scalp. Apply it directly to your scalp(When your hair is dry and ready for a wash) and massage it until your head feels hot and stimulated. This can promote hair growth too so if you want length, add some castor oil to the mix! You could leave it in over night, or however long you want. When you want to wash it out, make a brown sugar scrub to get rid of all the flakes. Just combine brown sugar with a cheap conditioner and scrub your scalp with it. Then just follow up with a sulfate free shampoo and you're good as gold! Hope this works for you! :)
great answers a good wash and some hot oils should help my favorite mix is teetree oil with olive oil it feels all nice and tingly. Make sure when using teetree oil or any other essential oils that you dilute them with a carrier oil like olive /coconut oil just make sure it's an oil that can be absorbed. If you have been trying all kinds of things and nothing is working talk to your doctor as you could have a scalp condition.