Straightening for years have left my hair like straw, can I get my curls back?

Hello, I'm sixteen with hair type 3A and am fairly new to this site, but I am in desperate need of help. My mother who was born with bone-straight hair did not understand the concept of care of curly hair, and so everyday took the flat iron to my hair. I was convinced that my hair was naturally frizzy and poofy, and was unaware that I even had curls. Because of this I ended up putting my hair through hell trying to achieve the straight look that I thought I was supposed to have.This was until I was thirteen and was extremely sick for a week, in which I was unable to wash my hair. During this time, I noticed a rare curl developing here and there. Once recovered and stopped blow drying and straightening my hair for a while I realised that my hair was naturally curly; and since then  I have been battling between trying to get my curls back and giving in to straightening. I am now determined to have my curls back, I adore the look of them, but I am worried that the years of heat might have brought them to the point of no return. Will I be able to get them back? Where to I even begin?

2 Answers

The good thing is, your curls are your natural texture, so it's constantly growing out of your head.  So while your hair grows, you will really need to clip your ends.  This chops off lots of damage hair that is weighing down your good curls.  This will also prevent any damage hairs from splitting up.  Other than that, give it time.  
You have one of two options here...1. Big chop2. TransitionYou describe a lot of heat damage. There is no way to recover from that but to cut it all off. If you are very attached to your hair strands then I'd suggest you do the cutting at a slower and steady pace until all of the hair that has been damaged is gone. In the mean while I suggest you start finding products that work well on your curls. The way you care for your hair when curly isn't the way you care for hair that's been damaged. Good luck hun and I hope this help you.