Been straighting my hair for years. Want to go natural, where do I start??

My hair is extremely damaged from the heat I've been using on it. I want to get used to my natural curls but I need to know where to start and what products to use. There's so much stuff I don't know how to even start this routine.

1 Answer

1. Ditch the damage. Get the dead ends chopped off!  Getting it done professionally is a safe and effective choice.  I did it myself but that is because my hair was already long, so if I messed up it wasn't a big deal.  If you do it yourself make sure you use hair scissors, not just any old kind. 2. Moisturize. Your hair is probably thirsty from all the heat.  Find a deep conditioner stat!  Try using it weekly.3. Research. Educate yourself on product and hair care routines.  Look up reviews, ingredients, articles. Some well received lines are SheaMoisture, DevaCurl, and Cantu and find some you are willing to try.  Look up the curly girl method, it is widely accepted routine and used by many hairtypes.4. Stick with it.  If what you try doesn't work the same day or even the same week, don't throw it away! Give it a chance.  Sometimes it takes time for products to work.  You will also save money on average.5. Listen to your hair. Everyone has answers, but I always say, you have the ultimate authority on what works for your hair and what doesn't.Good luck! I hope everything works out!