How to style my hair

I shampoo and condition my hair and then scrunch it. But when it get dry the curls are not defines hair is frizzy and I so dont like it. I tried using gel and mousse but it make the hair hard and rough. And If I dont use them my curls disappear. I live in india so specific styling products for curls are unavai

3 Answers

Hi from Illinois!Okay, when your hair is still damp, put in a leave in conditioner. I just use plain Shea butter- rub it in my hands, then put it on frizzy areas. Then I scrunch in tresemme hair gel. You could try making your own gel with gelatin (bovine) or even using aloe Vera gel. For the crunchiness, just scrunch it out. It gives your hair more volume anyway. I may be crazy (I know I am!) but a think a little frizz looks pretty. Definetly natural!God bless!
I agree with CurlyLSC. A little frizz looks natural and playful. But definitely try the leave in conditioner, as it's good to keep your hair properly moisturized.  Your curls might be crunchy because you put too much product. Try applying less product, and if you still have crunch, apply a light oil (argan, jojoba, or any mix of oils) to your hair. That will zap the crunch out. It always works for me. It will also work for the frizz. Here's an article all about oils:
Hi mandy097 !I am from India too. I love Loreal's mythic oil as my styling product. It makes my hair soft and my curls look bouncy and lively. Here's the review of mythic oil on my curl blog -