Are there styling techniques for crown breakage?

I have 4B/4C hair with really bad crown breakage, are there any styles or advice. I also an considering cutting my hair, but want to know of styles before i take that leap.

1 Answer

Your hair looks cute in photo. Don't give up! But if you're having problems with breakage,  usually the main culprits are:1.  Not enough moisture2.  Too much heat (frequent blow drying and/or flat ironing).     Also high manipulation styles like afros , afro puffs, etc...that require using a comb, brush or pick on the hair every day can cause breakage especially if your hair is dry and not properly moisturized. One thing I have found also is that even though 4a, 4b and 4c hair seems strong because of the texture, it is usually very fragile.  And many naturals notice that the crown area is usually more fragile and even a different texture than the rest of their hair.  So protective styling or low manipulation styles usually work best. This includes buns, braids, double strand twists and wash and gos.  May I ask, what styles do you wear most and how often do you moisturize your hair, especially the ends?